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Start-Up/Small Business Support

Starting a business is no easy task. Accounting, hiring help, managing various projects are all areas that require specialized expertise. In many cases, you cannot afford not to have them done right the first time.

Moran Strategy Group experts are prepared to guide you through the entire lifecycle of your business’ founding:

Develop Your Idea

You’ve got an idea and a goal. Together, we can turn it into a real business. We are ready to listen to your idea and help you develop your Business Plan and/or improve upon it.

File Proper Paperwork

Business filings can be a daunting task for any founder, and worst, it takes time away from running your business. Our experts can complete the business filing federal, state, and local requirements.

Bring it to Market

In a competitive market space, branding, market research, competitive analysis, and monetization strategies are critical. Moran Strategy group is here to support your business in each of these areas, including website design.

Keep the Books

Our team uses Xero, and we can set up your business with an Accounting System through which you can monitor your business finances, manage invoices, and tax filings. Moran Strategy Group is here to ensure that you always know how your business is on track.

Manage Your Business

In today’s business environment, sustained success requires that you not only work hard, but that you also take the proactive steps to cultivate a culture of ethics, inclusion, innovation, and professional development. Our team brings human resource and process improvement expertise to ensure that your team is as strong as it can be today and tomorrow.

Grow Your Sales

If your business will ever sell to the government or larger institutions, it’s critical that you have some on board that understands the entire business development lifecycle, whether that be research, capture, or proposal development. Throughout our efforts, we keep one goal in mind: to improve your win probability (pWin).

Dominate Your Space

Now that you have a solid business, it’s time to open our eyes and dominate your market. Hiring the right team is critical to success. Without the right people on the bus, you may get caught in a pattern of thinking small. Let’s think big and 10x your goals. This will require everything from Project Management, Market Research, Process Improvement, and Brand Positioning.

Let’s discuss how we can make your business stronger.

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