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Start-Up/Small Business

We Support Start-Ups and Small Businesses through Business Plan Development, CEO Coaching, Administrative Support, Financial Management, Branding, Process Improvement, & Website Development

Political Leadership

We Help New Candidates, Campaign Managers, & Movement Leaders though Strategic Planning, Policy Support, and Issue Management to ensure that you are Best Positioned to Make your Dream a Reality

New Project

Our Certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs) can lead your project from its inception, including client-facing communications and scheduling to ensure your project is on-time and on-budget


When your clients become large businesses, hospitals, universities, or governments you must have the right processes of Proposal Management, Proposal/Grant Writing, Business Development, and Capture in place

About Us

Moran Strategy Group was founded to provide strategic advice, public policy expertise, and issue management services using the same principles of integrity and hard work that Congressman James P. Moran displayed throughout his tenure as a Congressman. Moran Strategy Group is about more than just providing advice and access; it is about lending wisdom and a deep commitment to supporting you in achieving your business goals.

Featured Clients & Friends

Balance Paddleboarding

We work with Balance Paddleboarding's CEO to stand up the business, run it successfully, support logistics, manage finances, and make progress towards the business' mission of cleaning up the Potomac River.

Old Town Brick Oven Pizza

We worked with Old Town Brick Oven Pizza's founder to develop its brand and put processes in place that will allow the business to be scalable and thus provide delicious brick-oven pizza to anyone, anywhere.

MidMor Brothers

We support MidMor Brothers' founders in filing the initial registrations and licenses, strategic planning, and conducting lead research to ensure they become a dominant force in real-estate investment and construction.


We support Fitizen's leadership team pro-bono by providing branding support to strengthen their efforts in building a world-class brand that promotes community-based holistic fitness.


We combine our experience and work ethic to make your business the strongest it can be

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